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Pink Peppercorn Cologne

A combination of fresh pink peppercorn extract with notes of fruity cassis, floral jasmine, and Italian bergamot results in a floral, spicy, and evocative scent. 

The Ojai valley is renowned for cradling the creative. It has historically been a magnet for spiritualists, farmers, foodies, and healers as well as those who seek an authentic connection to the self through nature. Here, art is personified and forces us to differentiate between what is noise and what is truth.

Ojai Wild is the artistic alchemical result of this energetic spark. It is an inspired raw fragrance collection embodying the force of nature’s essence through botanical extractions.

Eau de Cologne 30 ml/1 oz
Ingredients: organic alcohol denat (sda 38-b) aqua (water), botanical extractum (botanical extract), essential oils.
About this Product: Etched glass bottle, bottle made in France, custom handmade, reclaimed wood over cap, spray atomizer, Bottle Capacity: 30 ml/1 oz, Bottle height 3.75", Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, spray Eau de Cologne directly on skin - not clothes. This is a natural plant material and may stain.
 *Perfumes and Body Oil sales are FINAL. Non-returnable or exchangeable
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Pink Peppercorn Cologne
Pink Peppercorn Cologne